About company

Betex CO UK Limited was founded in 2008 by European leaders in the field of sports betting. Even then, we began to form analytical departments, which are currently making lucrative signals for bets. For 6 years we selected the capers with the most stable statistical indicators, having implemented an exclusive formula for calculation. Considered such factors as the return on investment (ROI), the frequency of failures and profits, the number of forecasts for the period and the overall effectiveness of the expert.

No less significant decision at the stage of development of BETEX, was the introduction of the structure of units. This strategic decision has increased the efficiency of the company by 60%. We found that the maximum result can be achieved during the concentration of each group of analysts in a separate league or championship. The work of the department in one sport, shows the highest result to this day.

Betex - This is a ready decision in the world of sports betting. The current business tool is in the hands of the leaders of analytical departments and dozens of experts with a strikingly high flair and collosal experience. This and much more we implemented and improved in the company for 10 years.

The success of the company is also due to careful consideration of all factors that may affect the outcome of the match. As assessment factors before the rate are understood: the study and recording of information about the participants of the event, information about the "weak" and "strong" places of each side, the analysis of the subtleties of the athletes' playing styles, the study of the history of confrontation, the leadership style and ambitions of coaches, the presence of sporting anger, the ability of a favorite, the characteristics of rates on outsiders and even more than 30 evaluation factors before each event. All this statistics helps to assess the alignment of forces in the events we are considering and guarantees stable winning forecasts.

Thanks to the innovative approach to the management management of Betex, and the achievement of a consistently positive result, a decision was made to attract investors to increase the company's capitalization and to increase the profits of both parties proportionally. Competence and talent of analysts, as well as managers and team leaders, allowed to create a stable business structure in the world of sports betting. We are ready to provide high service and stable profit! Investments of our partners will be an additional push for the development of mutually beneficial business for both parties to transactions.

Leaders of analytical departments

Day by day we improve the quality and the number of bet issues. Be sure that every investment will only have a positive impact on your account, thanks to the talent of European professionals and leaders in the world of sports events.

Richard Kaligian

Head of Martial Arts Monitoring Department

Bellator MMA, UFC, WBA, IBF, ACB, Legacy FA, M-1 Fights.

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Adam Huffman

Head of Professional Tennis Monitoring Department

Women's Tennis Association, WTA, ATP 250-1000 World Tours, Chalanger Tours, ITF Futures

[email protected]

Ronald Serling

Head of the Monitoring Department for Basketball

NCAA, NBA, WNBA, FIBA America and Europe, VTB United League

[email protected]

Daniel Bennett

Head of Monitoring Department for Football

UEFA European Championship,Champions League, Europa League, FIFA.

[email protected]

Jacob Ferrell

Head of the Monitoring Department for Hockey


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George Buckley

Head of the monitoring department for horse racing

Japan Cup, The King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes, The Dubai World Cup.

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